New HE partnership with Liverpool John Moores University

East Lancashire’s Higher Education offer has been significantly boosted with the launch of a new partnership between Nelson and Colne College Group University Centre and Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).

A first-of-its-kind partnership, it marries up the outstanding reputations that the respective institutions have for educational quality in the spheres of Further Education and Higher Education.

Employers in East Lancashire can benefit from the partnership as its terms mean that the University Centre has greater freedom to respond to market trends and economic changes by delivering new courses validated by LJMU as the degree awarding university. 

This means that employers seeking to support their staff to upskill can do so with the University Centre with confidence as the course content is aligned to local skills needs.

Flexible delivery by the University Centre also means that adult students have a range of study options and can achieve the equivalent of a degree level qualification in a month of study days across an academic year, reducing time out of the workplace.

Students studying HE with the University Centre will also benefit from the partnership by being able to access a wide range of LJMU resources to support their studies.

The partnership has been announced as the University Centre launches a new offer of high quality university level provision on the doorstep of East Lancashire – qualifications that are relevant to current and future economic needs of the region, and include a theme of sustainability running through the spine of the offer.

Delivery of these will take place at either the Nelson and Colne College University Centre or the Accrington and Rossendale College University Centre. Courses offered with the approval of LJMU from September 2021 cover Business, Law and Finance; Computing; Construction; Engineering; Health and Social Sciences; and Sport.

Charlotte Scheffmann, Dean of Higher Education at Nelson and Colne College Group University Centre said: “The new partnership is one that is built on mutual trust and reputational respect, providing a Higher Education offer which is designed to support employers in East Lancashire.

“Not only does Liverpool John Moores University have the confidence in us to deliver high quality and impactful Higher Education in their name, LJMU also have the faith in our experienced HE team to grant us the potential to quickly provide qualifications in response to trends and changes in our economy locally and regionally.

“That assurance is transformational and means that we can support employers by addressing skills gaps and creating opportunities where there is demand for jobs.”

Peter Byers, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of LJMU, welcomes the partnership. He said: “Our mission is to transform lives through education and create opportunities for communities.

“This partnership between Liverpool John Moores University and the Nelson and Colne College Group means we can, together, create quality and impactful learning which will connect students directly to job opportunities in their area. All of which is backed by LJMU’s research expertise.”

Adults looking to study HE flexibly, affordably and locally will have the chance to speak in-person to the University Centre’s expert teaching teams during Adult and HE Advice Events.

The first of these will take place at Accrington and Rossendale College on Wednesday 30 June, from 4.30pm until 7.30pm. The second, will take place on Monday 5 July at Nelson and Colne College, from 4.30pm until 7.30pm. These are appointment only events and can be booked on the website:

The full range of new courses offered by Nelson and Colne College Group University Centre can be explored through a new University Centre website at

The site includes a new selection of downloadable sector guides, as well as student success stories and personal profiles of the University Centre’s industry expert tutors, and information about studying Higher Education with the University Centre.

To find out more about the new University Centre offer, you can contact the Higher Education team at the University Centre by emailing or by calling 01254 354047.